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Timberland Homes Advantages
Timberland Custom Homes custom home builder
  Simply a smarter way to build
  1. Controlling the process ensures a better built home.

o Build your home in 12 weeks—move in faster.
o Start to finish—the quality is built-in.
o Reliable work force--no delays or other job commitments


2. Every home built to the International Building Code, just like a conventional site-built home.               

Timberland’s better materials start with:


o Plywood sheathing for walls and roof—stronger
o Continuous headers—NOT just over windows and doors
o Floors are glued, screwed and nailed—quieter
o Laminated veneer lumber at rim joist—no spliced joints
o 2x6 exterior wall framing at 16” on center—better than 24”
o Controlled moisture levels—helps prevent mold
o PEX plumbing—no burst lines from freezing temperatures
o Copper wiring—safer

  3. Guaranteed pricing saves money—

o no cost over runs
o Shorter construction loans  
o No delays that affect your budget
o Special contract pricing from suppliers and subcontractors

  4. Appreciates in value like any site-built home built in your neighborhood.
  5. Serving Alaska, Washington and Oregon for nearly forty years.

o Remote locations and islands
o Two story and basement applications


6. 15 Year Structural Warranty—trusted for nearly forty years.

  Find out more about Timberland's innovative design and build process >
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  Timberland Homes Advantages
  Timberland Homes Advantages
  Timberland Homes Advantages
Timberland Homes, Building innovation for nearly 40 years
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