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Timberland system built WA
Timberland Custom Homes custom home builder

System built Auburn WA & Mt. Vernon, WA

TIMBERLAND HOMES IS PROUD of the advantages of our homes. We are even more proud of how our homes are built! The advantages set us apart from on-site building, but our process is what really makes us different.

Timberland Homes use, on average, 30 percent more materials in your new home than the national average. This is how we achieve the structural rigidity for transportation and installation on your lot or remote location. More nails, more screws, more wood, more glue, more care. It adds up to a better home.

Timberland Homes are framed with an extra strong triple header system for greater rigidity and load-bearing capacity. And we're really proud of what is behind our walls! We use copper wiring installed by licensed electricians. Many of our subcontractors have been working with us for more than 15 years. Each home is sealed and insulated to the highest standards and we partner with only top-quality component suppliers.


Timberland homes are
ideal for island, remote or
in-city locations.

For nearly forty years, Timberland Homes has built homes in remote and in-city areas from downtown Seattle, to Southeast Alaska, to the mountains in Montana.

System built Auburn WA & Mt. Vernon, WA

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Timberland Homes, Building innovation for nearly forty years
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